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Local Grocer Helps Hungry Families

Updated: May 21, 2020

Lowes Grocery Store in Monahans, TX has been helping Hungry Folks in Ward County for many years by donating food to Ward County Greater Works, Inc.

Mr. Lowe of Lowes Grocery has stores all around Texas. His generosity has continued down the generations. The Monahans, TX store has been contributing to Ward County Greater Works since its inception in 2004 and continues today.

Lisa Beauchamp - Executive Director of Ward County Greater Works, Inc. Says;

"The Generosity of the Lowes Family in this community and others has impacted the food insecure immensely. Here in Ward County this generosity allows a healthy variety of the food that we deliver to the elderly and/or disabled."

Every Grocery store faces the need to remove food that is near best sell dates and Ward County Greater Works is an excellent outlet for this need. Ward County Greater Works is able to deliver these items to the clients that are food deprived before the products are no longer viable. Many of the perishable items are distributed within a day or two of pickup and others such as meats, milk or breads are frozen upon receipt at the Greater Works pantry awaiting deliver in that frozen state.

A Big Shout Out To the Lowes Family for their Giving Spirit!

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